Ammonia Nitrogen Meter HC-200NH


HC-200NH is an ammonia nitrogen(NH4-N) meter using ion electrode method which is designed for aeration control in wastewater treatment.

Wastewater treatment process



Segment: Process And Environment
Division: Process Water
Base product
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA Advanced Techno Co. Ltd.


  • Replaceable chip without the need for tools
    Replaceable chip without the need for tools
  • Combination with new-type ultrasonic cleaner improves antifouling property (optional)
     [Burst oscillation method]

    Enables continuous cleaning without damaging sensor, and long term adhesion prevention of stain.
    Burst oscillation method
    Burst oscillation method
  • Sensor deterioration diagnostic during measurement *1
    Deterioration diagnostic function during continuous measurement. This function reduces the risk of sudden loss of measurement and provides more reliable measurement.
    Sensor deterioration diagnostic during measurement
  • Optical DO sensor connectable (optional)
    Optical DO sensor connectable (optional)
  • The ion sensor enables long term stable measurement
  • New ion chip internal solution enables stable measurement (Japan patent No. 5144829)
  • New structure of reference chip achieves stability measurement *2

*1: patent applied with Bureau of Sewerage Tokyo Metropolitan Government.
*2: patent applied

Instruction transmitter specifications


Ammonia nitrogen meter specifications

Combination sensor unit modelAM-2000
Sensor model7691*: Ammonium ion chip, 7692*: Potassium ion chip for compensation, 7211: Reference chip
Measurement rangeNH4-N: 0~1000mg/L (display range: 0~2000mg/L)
Temperature: 0~40°C (display range: -10~110°C)
Display resolutionNH4-N: 0.01mg/L: 0.00~10.00mg/L
0.1mg/L: 0.0~100.0mg/L
1mg/L: 0~1000mg/L
Temperature: 0.1°C
RepeatabilityNH4-N: Larger value between 3%±1 digit of measured value or 0.2mg/L±1 digit  (with standard solution)
Temperature: ±0.3°C
Potassium ion compensationCompensation range: Potassium ion concentration is under 10 times of ammonium ion concentration and under 1000mg/L
Compensation error: ±20% (measured value)
Additional functionAdjustment with manual analysis (1 point), calibration curve input function (primary expression)
Self-diagnostic functionCorrection error, sensor diagnostic error, transmitter malfunction

*Sensor7691 and 7692 : Store in low temperature (1〜30°C)

Optical dissolved oxygen meter (optional)

Combination sensor unit modelDO-2000
Sensor model5700A: Sensor cap
Measurement rangeDissolved oxygen concentration: 0~20mg/L  Display resolution 0.01mg/L
Saturation degree: 0~200%  Display resolution 0.1%
Temperature: 0~50°C  Display resolution 0.1°C
Self-diagnosticCorrection error, sensor diagnostic error, transmitter malfunction

Transmitter common specifications

Transmission output3 points  DC4~20mA  input-output insulation type  Maximum load resistance 900Ω
Select 3 items from below
Output range 1: Ammonia nitrogen concentration: Configurable within measurement range.
Output range 2: Dissolved oxygen concentration: Configurable within measurement range.
Output range 3: Temperature reading of the ammonia nitrogen meter: Configurable within measurement range of -10~110°C
Output range 4: Temperature reading of the dissolved oxygen meter: Configurable within measurement range of -10〜110°C.
Operation temperature range-20~55°C (Do not freeze)
PowerAC100~240V  50/60Hz  Consumption power 28VA (max)
StructureOutdoor installation type: Protection level IP65  Installation method: 50A pole or attached to wall
Case: aluminum alloy  Attachment bracket: Hood: SUS304
WeightUnit: Approx. 3.5kg  Hood, attachment bracket: Approx. 1kg
Compliance standardCE Marking, FCC Rules

Detector specifications (Ammonia nitrogen meter)

Sensor unit modelAM-2000
Sample condition0~40°C, pH4.0~8.5
[Na+]: 0~1000 times of [NH4-N]
Measurement depth10m
Wetted materialSUS316, FKM, PVC
WeightApprox. 2.7kg (including 10m cable)

Detector specifications (Optical dissolved oxygen meter)

Sensor unit modelDO-2000
Measurement sample temperature0~50°C
Measurement depth10m
Wetted materialSUS316, NBR, PVC
WeightApprox. 3.0kg (including 10m cable)


Instruction transmitter HD-200FLAmmonia nitrogen sensor AM-2000Optical DO sensor DO-2000


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