Dynamic Image Analysis System Particle Size

The new CAMSIZER® X2 provides particle size and shape distribution analysis needed for the quality control of fine powders and suspensions, measuring (0.8 µm to 8 mm). More precise and faster analysis of particle size and particle shape helps to improve product quality and reduces rejected lots.  Since the measurement time is only 1-3 minutes, it also saves time when compared to conventional sieve analysis.  

Newly developed optical systems with ultra-strong LEDs for highest resolution and excellent depth of field allows the user to reliably detect the smallest amounts of contaminants or outlying particle shapes.  The CAMSIZER® X2 is ideal for the manufacturing of:

  • Pharmaceutical powders, granules, and fine pellets
  • Pulverized and granulated food
  • Detergent powder and chemical raw materials
  • Plastic powders (even with an electrostatic charge on the surface)
  • Metal powders for additive manufacturin, MIM, solder powders
  • Abrasives (medium-size and small grit)
  • Fine sands and construction materials
  • Fine plastic, glass, and carbon fibers

The CAMSIZER®X2 is manufactured by Retsch Technology GmbH and distributed in many parts of the world by HORIBA.

*Available in select countries.

Segment: Scientific
Division: Particle Characterization
Base product
Manufacturing Company: Retsch Technology GmbH
  • Simultaneous analysis of particle size and shape
  • Digital image processing with patented two-camera-system (acc. to ISO 13322-2)
  • Wide dynamic measuring range from 0.8 μm to 8 mm
  • Measuring narrow as well as very wide size distributions within one measurement and without any adjustments such as changing lenses, re-focusing, or re-calibration
  • Measuring size range is 1 µm - 3 mm for the X-Jet module and 10 µm - 8 mm for the X-Fall module
  • Newly developed optical system with ultra-strong LEDs for highest resolution and excellent depth of field for image sharpness
  • Reliable detection of smallest amounts of “undersized” and “oversized” particles
  • Very short measurement time of 1 – 3 minutes
  • Modular system X-Change for dry and wet dispersion
  • Measurement results are 100% compatible to sieve analysis if required
  • Intuitive software
  • Detailed particle size analysis - results are saved in more than 1,000 size classes
  • Calibration in seconds
  • Automatic measuring procedure
  • Robust design, insensitive to dust and vibrations
  • Self-cleaning, wear-free, maintenance-free
  • Less time- and labor-intensive than sieve analysis or microscopy


Measuring principle

Dynamic Digital Image Processing (ISO 13322-2)

Measuring range

Module "X-Dry" with "X-Fall" plug-in cartridge          10 µm to 8 mm
Module "X-Dry" with "X-Jet" plug-in cartridge            0.8 µm to 5 mm
"X-Jet" plug-in cartridge Module Module "X-Flow"     0.8 µm to 1 mm

Type of analysis

Dry and wet analysis

Measuring time

~ 1 to 3 min (depending on the desired measuring statistics)

Sample volume

< 20 mg - 500 g (depending on sample and measurement mode)

Measurment speed

> 300 images/sec.

Size of analysis area

~ 20  x 20 mm


0.8 µm per pixel

Measurement parameters

Particle size         Smallest diameter, length, mean diameter
Particle shape      Aspect ratio (breadth to length), symmetry, sphericity, convexity, etc.,                                          according to ISO 9276-6)

(H x W x D)

~ 580 x 850 x 570 mm

Weight (Measuring unit)

~ 50 kg

Particle Size and Shape of Salt
Particle Size and Shape of Salt
Many salt producing facilities have now switched to dynamic image analysis (the CAMSIZER), which is quicker, more efficient, and provides additional information about the shape of the salt crystals. This application note describes how the CAMSIZER has been successfully used to characterize salt size and shape.
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