High Performance Series - AC Dynamometer

The HORIBA DYNAS series covers the major of engine and driveline testing areas for stationary, transient and dynamic applications. The new HORIBA DYNAS3 HIGH PERFORMANCE class is a significant extension of the well proven DYNAS product portfolio and has been developed to suit the growing demands and needs of current and future markets.


Segment: Automotive Test Systems
Division: Mechatronics
Base product

The DYNAS3 LI 265 HP is the first of the new DYNAS3 HP series. It is designed for speeds up to 10,000 rpm with high dynamics and low vibration. Due to the special housing design and the new cooling concept a high power to size ratio is achieved. Delivering a rated power of 265 kW and a rated torque of 525 Nm (overload torque: 630 Nm), the DYNAS3 LI 265 HP covers a wide range of testing requirements.

Machine DYNAS3 HP LI 265 HP
Rated power (absorbing)[kW]265
Rated current IN[A]370
Rated speed (absorbing)[rpm]4820
Rated torque (absorbing)[Nm]525
Rated power (driving)[kW]244
Rated speed (driving)[rpm]4660
Rated torque (driving)[Nm]500
Overload factor, absorbing (max. 60 s and 10 min cycle time) 1,2
Maximum speed nmax[rpm]10000
Power at nmax (absorbing)[kW]200
Moment of inertia including attachments[kgm2]0.33
Max. speed gradient up to rated speed incl. overload (absorbing)[rpm/s]18000
Development of combustion engines on engine test stands
Development of combustion engines on engine test stands
DYNAS3 brochure english
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