Low Inertia Series - AC Dynamometer

DYNAS3 is especially designed to satisfy today’s and future testing demands formulated by the automotive and supplier industry. The power ranges represent the torque characteristics of advanced gasoline and Diesel engines for passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Using a torque measuring flange and top mounted independent blower keeps the dynamometer compact and saves space. The DYNAS3 LI is part of the DYNAS3 series and were developed for testing small in-line up to high-output engines.


Segment: Automotive Test Systems
Division: Mechatronics
Base product

DYNAS3 LI is a range of absorbing and motoring machines for all test applications in the field of spark ignition and compression ignition engines. Low moments of inertia and high overload capacity together with speed gradients above 12.000 rpm/s guarantee a highly dynamic response.

The DYNAS3 LI is part of the DYNAS3 Series and were developed for testing a wide range of modern engines. Air cooling by blowers simplifies dynamometer installation and does not require tapping into other cooling systems inside the test cell. The state-of-the-art and future-oriented technology of the DYNAS3 Series guarantees a long-term dynamometer solution at a low-cost investment. 

  • Designed to cover a wide range of test specimen
  • High acceleration rate due to low-inertia
  • Compact motor design with power range up to 460kW
  • Air-cooled dynamometer for easy installation and upgrading of existing test cells
  • Measuring flange for highest torque measurement accuracy of real shaft torque


Machine DYNAS3 LI LI 145LI 250LI 350LI 460
Rated power (absorbing)[kW]145250350460
Rated current IN[A]245390560740
Rated speed (absorbing)[rpm]4500498044804410
Rated torque (absorbing)[Nm]3084807501000
Rated power (driving)[kW]135225336440
Rated speed (driving)[rpm]4380486044004350
Rated torque (driving)[Nm]294442729966
Overload factor, absorbing (max. 60 s and 10 min cycle time) 1,21,21,11,2
Maximum speed nmax[rpm]10000100001000010000
Power at nmax (absorbing)[kW]125200282350
Moment of inertia, machine[kgm2]0.230.320.660.9
Moment of inertia including attachments[kgm2]0.260.360.70.94
Max. speed gradient up to rated speed incl. overload[rpm/s]13600156001130012200


Development of combustion engines on engine test stands
Development of combustion engines on engine test stands
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