EzSuite - Powerful software suite for high-throughput label-free molecular interaction assays

Powerful software suite for high-throughput label-free molecular interaction assays

This new software interface is designed for simple use and advanced analysis capabilities. It integrates instrument control, data analysis and reporting, and advanced data fitting for a complete characterization of the molecular interactions.

Segment: Scientific
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA France SAS

Easy instrument control

EzView controls the instrument and integrates step-by-step procedures to facilitate your workflow. Sample injection sequences can be easily programmed so that the instrument can run automatically.

EzView gives real-time information of

  • flow cell images
  • SPRi difference images
  • Kinetics profiles
  • Instrument status

Easy data analysis and reporting

EzAnalysis and EzFit give information about experiment parameters, binding intensities, SPRi difference images, affinity and kinetic rates. Automatic report generation keeps tracks of all experiments and results. High-quality graphs can be exported and saved for your publications.

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