Aqualog A-TEEM Autosampler Accessory

Introducing the NEW Fast-01 Autosampler accessory for batch measurements in industrial QA/QC settings

The Fast-01 can be configured to use a variety of samplevials and racks to meet your application needs and enables complete temperature control.

Segment: Scientific
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA Scientific
  • Speed, accuracy and precision
  • Sample vial temperature control
  • Plug and play temperature-controlled flow-cell sample compartment
  • Wide selection of sample racks, vials and 96 well microplates
  • Excellent repeatability and negligible carryover between samples
  • Fully integrated into Aqualog v4.2+ software


A-TEEM Molecular Fingerprinting is a new optical technique that is ideal for comprehensive component analysis in a variety of QC/QA applications, from water to wine to pharmaceuticals and beyond. It is a simple, fast, “column free” spectroscopic technique that simultaneously measures the absorbance, transmission and fluorescence of samples in solution and offers some unique benefits over traditional analytical techniques such as chromatography, mass spec IR and more. By connecting to the new Fast-01 autosampler accessory to the HORIBA Aqualog® A-TEEM spectrometer it can greatly facilitate your routine batch liquid analysis.

The Fast-01 can be configured to use a variety of sample-vials and racks to meet your application needs and enables complete temperature control. Sample vial repeats and injection volumes are easily facilitated with the Aqualog 4.2+ software, which also offers preconfigured blank files. 

All data files can be exported with ISO-formatted time-date stamping and user-configurable Sample ID and repeat codes.

All aspects of the Fast-01 hardware control are at your fingertips, with key real-time access features to facilitate the configuration and execution of your batch experiments, as well as priming, cleaning and maintenance.


Vial/Well Selection                                                           Experimental Method


Vial Temperature Range4° to 40° C (Peltier-controlled)
Vial Racks/Plates12x 10 ml (one or two)
Vials10 ml septum screw cap
Injection Syringe2.5 ml standard*
ValveValco 0.75 bore valve
Sample Injection Loop10 mL SS sample loop, 1/8” tubing with 1/16” tubing ends and fittings
(Valco): (Standard)*
Vial/Plate dimensions (incl. cap)Max. plate/vial height: 47 mm (incl. septa or capmat)
Minimum vial height: 32 mm
ReproducibilityRSD ≤ 1.0% for partial loopfill injections
WashProgrammable: Wash between injections and wash between vials
Air GapAdjustable volume; Before and/or after samples


Operating Voltage95 - 240 Volt AC ± 10%; 50 - 60 Hz; 200VA
ElectricalStandard 110V, Optional 220V (HORIBA PN 5500000264)
CE ComplianceYes
CommunicationSerial RS232 with USB Adapter
Optional Circulating Temperature Bath
(Not included, but recommended for all
A-TEEM work. HORIBA PN: 5500450520)
–25° C to +80° C (110 V)
Size300 mm x 575 mm x 360 mm
Weight21 kg
Working Temperature10 - 40° C (indoor use only)


Related Aqualog Hardware & SoftwareSpecification
Flow Cell Sample CompartmentWater jacketed flow cell
Available Flow Cells (others can be

80 μL (1 x 0.5 cm path length): Standard flow cell is ideal for wine and
other concentrated samples

440 μL (1 x 0.5 cm path length); Optional

SoftwareAqualog v4.2 and beyond

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