FL-1013 Liquid Nitrogen Dewar Assembly

FL-1013 Liquid Nitrogen Dewar Assembly

For phosphorescence or delayed fluorescence measurements, it is sometimes desirable to cool samples to liquid-nitrogen temperature. The FL-1013 LN dewar accessory enables these measurements with Fluorolog and FluoroMax systems.

Segment: Scientific
Division: Molecular and Microanalysis
Base product
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA Scientific

The sample is placed in the quartz cell which is then immersed in the liquid-nitrogen-filled dewar. A Teflon cone in the bottom of the dewar keeps the quartz sample-tube centered. The portion of the dewar which is in the light path is constructed of fused silica to preserve the UV measurement capabilities of the instrument. A Teflon cover on the top of the dewar captures any excess liquid nitrogen that bubbles out of the assembly. A pedestal holds the dewar in the sampling module.

Also included is a “stove-pipe” sample cover that allows LN to be added as needed.

FL-1013 Liquid Nitrogen Dewar Assembly Brochure
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