GDOES Accessories

Accessories for samples with various shapes, sizes and properties

HORIBA Scientific proposes accessories to handle various samples and multiply the possible applications. Small, porous, air sensitive or non flat samples can be measured with dedicated accessories.

Special configurations can be studied to answer challenging requests (glove box etc)


High purity Nitrogen generators are available to maintain the quality of optics and permit VUV analysis




Segment: Scientific
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA France SAS

HORIBA Scientific proposes accessories to handle various samples and multiply the possible applications:

  • Patented “Li bell” for measuring samples that should not be exposed to air
  • Patented Centrelite for precise localisation of the analysis spots
  • Small sample holder
  • Universal sample holder for non flat samples, tubes, rods
  • Various anodes (material and diameters): 2mm, 4mm, 6, 7 & 8mm anodes.
  • Patented RF coupler for thick non conductive layers (innovation derived from EU project -
  • In kit to embed small samples
  • Kit to prepare pellet for analysis of powders
  • Preparation equipment machines
  • External Profilometer: to optimize crater shapes and measure erosion rates.
  • Reference Books

Nelis & Payling: Practical Guide. ESC

Surface Society of Japan : Compendium of Surface & Interface Analyis

Shimizu & Mitani : GD for SEM


Special configurations


Automatized instruments with robots or instruments in glove box have been designed and dedicated studies on such requirements can be conducted.

Nitrogen generators

HORIBA Scientific offers high purity nitrogen generators for all GD-OES systems. The nitrogen generators supplies nitrogen at 99.999% purity and flow rates from 3 L/min to 6.0 L/min for VUV analysis. Nitrogen purge permits to maintain intact the quality of the optics in time.

Nitrogen Generator

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