Gloss Checker IG-320


Gloss is a surface's attribute of directly reflecting light and the degree of this reflected light is termed glossiness. The IG-320 measurement angle is set at the 60° standard angle allowing discerning even the lowest levels of gloss and provides a definite numerical value for glossiness. The IG-320 provides accurately and instantaneously measurement from low gloss matte surfaces to the highly polished texture for such operations management areas as floor maintenance, polishing, and coating. Up to 99 measurements can be taken with a simple key operation and averaged using another key. Up to 99 averages can be stored for later use. Easy data management promises smooth inspection work. Because the IG-320 does not require the use of special measuring technology, it can easily be used by anyone.

Segment: Process And Environment
Division: Gloss Checker
Base product


  • High precision Measurement range
  • Internal memory
  • Average mode
  • Measuring angle 60°



Optical System 
  • Incident angle 600
  • Reception angle 600
Measurement area 12x6mm oval
Light SourceLED (wavelength:880 nm)
DetectorSPD (Silicone Photodiode)
Measuring range0-100.0
Display range

0mm-199.9mm (resolution:0.1)

Reproducibility±5%F.S. ±within 1 digit
Power Source

S-006P dry batter (9VDC) for operation.

CR-2025 lithium battery (3VDC) for memory

Continual-use time 15 hours or more
Ambient Conditions0-400 C

78(w) * 189(H) *58(D)mm

3.1(w) * 7.4(H) * 2.3(D)in

MassApprox. 400g(with battery)
Additional Functions 
  • Automatic Calibration
  • Automatic power cut-off
  • Display hold
  • Overrange display
  • Battery alarm
  • Built-in data memory (max.99)
  • Computation of averages
  • Keystroke confirming tone
IG-331/320 Brochure English
Size 0.56 MB


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