Gloss Checker IG-331

Designed for greater ease of operation, maintain clean surfaces and improve quality control inspection in various industrial applications.

High efficiency and flexibility utilizing a separate detector and light source, offers the ability to switch between 60 degree measuring angle for standard gloss measurement, and 20 degree measuring angle for high-gloss surfaces with gloss values over 70.

The flexible connection between the probe and display unit ensures greater work efficiency.

Just one touch of the calibration key starts the automatic sequential zero-span calibration.

Segment: Process And Environment
Division: Gloss Checker
Base product
  • High efficiency measurement
  • Measuring angles 20° and 60°
  • Flexible use with its remote probe



Optical system

60° measurement: Incident angle 60°, Reception angle 60°.
20° measurement: Incident angle 20°, Reception angle 20°.

Measuring area

60° measurement 3*6mm oval
20° measurement 3*4mm oval

Light source

LED (wavelength: 890 nm)


SPD (silicone photodiode)

Measuring range


Display range

0-199 (resolution: 1)


±5% F.S. ±1 digit

Power Source

A3 dry cell battery *4 (Not rechargeable)

Battery life

50 hours or more

Operating temperature

10 - 40°C


Main body: 140 (W) * 75 (H) * 34 (D) mm
  5.5 (W) * 3.0 (H) * 1.3 (D) in

Optical sensor: 88 (W) * 30 (H) * 45 (D) mm
  3.5 (W) * 1.2 (H) * 1.8 (D) in


Approx. 350g (with batteries)

Additional functions 
  • Automatic calibration
  • Automatic power cut-off
  • Display hold
  • Overrange display
  • Battery life display


IG-331/320 Brochure English
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