Gratings for Space-Flight

Space Flight Diffraction Grating

Space qualified and TRL9

HORIBA Scientific (with its JobinYvon Grating Technology) has 50 years of experience in space-flight gratings. The first space flight ruled gratings were produced for the CNES mission D2A in early 70’s. Since that date, HORIBA Scientific has continuously produced some of the most technically-challenging gratings ranging from off-plane X-ray replica gratings to aspherical 5800gr/mm VLS gratings for the FUV and Transmission Grisms or very low groove density VNIR-SWIR ruled blazed gratings. HORIBA Scientific gratings (master and replica) have been space qualified and are TRL9.

Segment: Scientific
Division: OEM
Base product
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA France SAS

HORIBA Scientific (Jobin Yvon Grating Tecnology) 50 years of space heritage

(In red, replica gratings: in white master gratings)


  • Master or Replica gratings
  • Holographic or ruled (Echelle)
  • Transmission or reflective gratings
  • Groove density : up to ~6000gr/mm
  • Various substrate shape : plane, spherical, free-form
  • High efficiency and very low stray light
  • Spectral range : from soft X-Ray to MIR (different coatings)
  • Groove shape for low polarization dependence : lamellar, blazed


To help us to check the feasibility of your grating, please share the grating specifications :

  • Substrate material
  • Substrate size
  • Useful area
  • Substrate shape (plane, spherical, …)
  • Groove density : constant or VLS
  • Spectral range
  • Angle of incidence
  • Diffraction order
  • Expected efficiency
  • Coating
  • Environmental conditions


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