Gratings for Synchrotron, FEL and EUV light sources

Holographic Lamellar Gratings

HORIBA Scientific holographic lamellar gratings exhibit ultra-low grooves roughness and unique efficiency uniformity making them ideal for Synchrotron, Free Electron Laser (FEL), EUV or Soft X-ray light sources.

Holographic recording and ion-etching allows us to tailor the groove shape and distribution to have:

  • Either constant or Variable Line Spacing (VLS)
  • Either constant or Variable Groove Depth (VGD).
    Segment: Scientific
    Division: OEM
    Manufacturing Company: HORIBA France SAS
    • Groove density : up to 4000gr/mm
    • Dimensions : up to 500mm
    • Substrate material : silicon, fused silica
    • Substrate shape : plane, spherical, cylindrical, toroidal
    • VLS or constant groove density
    • Efficiency tunability with Variable Groove Depth (VGD)
    • High quality substrate with slope error ~0.1µrad RMS
    • Ultra-low grooves roughness :  ~0.2nm RMS
    • Coating : Au, Ni, Pt (other coating on request)



    To help us to check the feasibility of your grating, please share the grating specifications :

    • Substrate material
    • Substrate size
    • Useful area
    • Substrate shape (plane, spherical, …)
    • Substrate RMS microroughness (nm)
    • Substrate RMS slope error (µrad or arcsec)
    • Groove density : constant or VLS
    • If VLS, N(x) =N0*(1+2*b2x+3*b3x2+4*b4x3+…)

    Where :

    N0 (mm-1) =

    b2 (mm-1) = 

    b3 (mm-2) =

    • Groove shape
    • Energy range
    • Cff coefficient or angle of incidence
    • Coating

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