High-Accuracy Infrared Thermometer [Built-in type] IT-470F-H

Industry Leading* High Accuracy Thermometer

The IT-470F-H is a built-in type, non-contact infrared thermometer with industry-leading* accuracy. It contributes to improve process stabilization, for which requires high accuracy temperature measurement, such as semiconductor and FPD production.


*Resuts of 2017 in-house study


Segment: Process And Environment
Division: Thermometer
Base product


  • Absolute high measurement accuracy ±0.1°C* and superior repeatability(2σ) of 0.1°C*.

*Actual value, under given conditions.


For semiconductor and FPD production which requires high accuracy temperature measurement

  • In case of a susceptor is in a vacuum chamber
    Temperature measurement of a susceptor is possible from outside of a chamber through the window
  • In case of surface temperature measurement of liquid crystal substrate in FPD production process.
    As non contact measurement, surface is not damaged.
  • In case of temperature controlling in polishing
    As non contact measurement, surface is not damaged.



Measurement wavelength8 to 14µm
Measurement temp. range-50 to 200℃
Output resolutionOptical digital output: 0.1℃    Current output ≤0.025%FS
(Optical digital output)
±4.0℃ (Object temperature -50℃)
±0.8℃ (Object temperature -20℃)
±0.6℃ (Object temperature 0℃)
±0.5℃ (Object temperature 23℃)
±0.4℃ (Object temperature 100℃〜)
(Linear interpolation is applied for the mid-points of object temperature and interpolated data are rounded to one decimal place.)
(Optical digital output)
0.7℃ (Object temperature -50℃)
0.5℃ (Object temperature 23℃)
0.5℃ (Object temperature 200℃)
(In case of the emissivity = 1.000 and use the 2σ value of 10 times measurement)
Response time (Optical digital output)Optical digital output: ≤1.4 sec (running average 1 sec, at 95% response)
Data sampling period0.1 sec
Display update periodOptical digital output: 0.2 sec  Current output: 0.1 sec
Measuring diameterΦ8mm/Distance 150mm (incident light amount 90%)
Emissivity setting0.001 to 1.000 changeable (Setting at factory shipping)
Operating temp. & humidity0 to 55℃, 35〜85%RH (no condensation)
FunctionOptical digital output (JIS F05)    Current output 4 to 20mA (Load resistance 100Ω, non-isolated)
Dimensions55×44×96mm Power, Current cable attached (Standard length 2m)

*Condition: Operating temperature 24 to 29℃ (include temperature of attachment), Humidity 55±20%, Emissivity correction setting 1.000.

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