High Performance Detectors

Detection system for Raman Spectrometry

As experts in optical spectroscopy, HORIBA Scientific is able to offer the most extensive range of detector options for its Raman spectrometer systems

Segment: Scientific
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA France SAS

In-house and third party detector options can be accommodated easily. Industry leading performance is offered by the various detector options - providing outstanding sensitivity, high speed, low noise, ruggedness and durability.


CCD detectors:

The widest range of CCD detectors is available offering enhanced chip formats (typically 1024 x 256 or 2048 x 512 pixel size) LN2 or air cooling options.

Enhanced options fo

  • UV
  • VIS
  • NIR wavelengths
  • Spectral resolution

The HORIBA Scientific Raman spectrometer designs can each incorporate the full width CCD chip options offering the best level of spectral coverage and performance possible.

NIR detectors:

Extended sampling covering the NIR 800nm - 2.2 µm is available through one of the NIR detector modules.

  • Single channel.
  • Low noise Multi-channel array - fully integrated and computer controlled.
  • Optional lock-in amplifier and chopper systems are available.

Specialized Time resolved:

HORIBA Scientific are the worlds leading experts in Time-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy and now ICCD, PMT, and SPAD detector systems can be added to many HORIBA Scientific Raman systems to expand Raman and PL into the time-domain.

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