HP-200,HP-200-K (Four-Wire Analyzer)-02

Industrial pH meter (Four-Wire Analyzer)

One-touch calibration function Realizes gentle measurement by combination with lead-free ORP electrode


Division: Process Water
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA Advanced Techno Co., Ltd.
  • Improved single-touch calibration for greater ease of use
  • Calibration history display
  • Extensive interfaces (2-channel transmission output, RS-485 compatible, 6-relay output)
  • Control output (upper and lower limits ON/OFF and duty control in a shared time and a zone)
  • New pH electrode lineup



Measuring methodGlass electrode method
Measuring rangepH: 0 to 14 pH   Resolution: 0.01 pH
Temperature: 0 to 100˚C   Resolution: 0.1˚C
RepeatabilitypH: ±0.03 or less   Temperature: ±0.3˚C (for equivalent input)
LinearitypH: ±0.03 or less   Temperature: ±0.3˚C (for equivalent input)
Transmission outputTwo point 4 to 20 mA DC   Input/output insulated type   Maximum load resistance 900 Ω
Contact outputFive points   Non-voltage contact output   Relay contact, SPDT (1c)
 Contact function:
  R1, R2: Selectable from upper limit alarm, lower limit alarm, ON/OFF control, time-shared proportional control
  R3, R4: Selectable from upper limit alarm, lower limit alarm, transmission output hold operation, cleaning output
  FAIL: Malfunction alarm
Contact inputOne point   Contact format: Open collector non-voltage a contact
 Contact function: Cleaning operation external input
Communication functionRS-485   Two wire system, Input/output insulated type (not insulated for transmission output)
Temperature compensation range0 to 100˚C
Ambient temperature-20 to 55˚C
Temperature compensation elementPt 1000 (0˚C)
Positive temperature sensitive resistor element: 500 Ω (25˚C), 6.8 kΩ (25˚C), 10 kΩ (25˚C)
Calibration methodAutomatic or manual calibration
Self-diagnosis functionCalibration error, Electrode diagnosis error, Analyzer malfunction
Power supply90 to 264 V AC   50/60 Hz
Power consumption 15 W or less
ConstructionOutdoor installation type: IP65 protection level
Mounting method: 50A pole or wall mounted
Case: Aluminum alloy
Mount fitting/hood: SUS304
WeightApprox. 4.5 kg
Equipment protectedCE marking, FCC rules
Waste Water Treatment and Disposal in Water Waste Management and Remediation Services
Waste Water Treatment and Disposal in Water Waste Management and Remediation Services

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