Datalogger IO-Expander

The I/O Expander takes as a central component of Immission measuring station the calculation of averages, controlling function controls and saving data. The raw data are analog, serial or read in via Ethernet. Automatically when certain events occur, a message by SMS or e-mail will be sent. The transmission of measurement data in the control center is via a modem or network. For configuration and visualization software IOVIS Lite is included. Furthermore, the stored values can requested with the integrated Web interface from any browser.


Division: Ambient
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA Europe GmbH
  • Acquisition of raw values and control of analyzers (analogue, serial, Ethernet)
  • Automatic and manual controlled calibration of analyzers
  • Generation of two different average values
  • Save data storage of calibration-, average values and messages
  • Data communication with central location (modem, LAN)
  • Automatic sending of event message (failure of analyzer, exceeding of limited values…) as SMS, e-mail or to the central location
  • Integrated web interface enables access to values of station
  • Hardware without moving parts (passive cooling)
  • Configurations- and visualization software IOVIS lite saved on the integrated Samba server




Embedded PC components PC/104
Operating system Linux


8640 short term average (1 - 60min)
8640 long term average (5min - 24h)
1200 calibration data
400 messages

Data request, configuration

Web Interface
Central software


Ethernet 10/100 MBit, TCP/IP
8+2 RS232 (expandable to 18)
16 analogue inputs, 0(4) - 1(10)V, 16bit
8 digital inputs (optocoupler expandable to 40/72)
4 relay outputs contacts (expandable to 20/36)


Bayern/Hessen protocol
Horiba AP-370 network protocol
Horiba Water Quality Monitor U-20 series
Horiba VA-3000 Multi-Component Gas Analyzer
Gill WindSonic wind sensor
GPS (NMEA0183)
and further device-specific protocols

Method of calculationArithmetic average value
Vector mean
Sum computation
Last value in the averageing interval
and further method of calculation
Ambient temperature0 - 40°C


110 - 230VAC  50/60Hz  ca.30VA


449(W) x 315(D) x 133(H) mm

Case19inch case, 84HP, 3U 
MassApprox. 5kg

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