Microsense microliter fluorescence measurement solution

Microsense microliter fluorescence measurement solution

Easy to deposit, easy to recover, easy to clean.

Microsense lets you make accurate, repeatable fluorescence measurements of µL volumes, less than 1/300th of a typical sample!

Segment: Scientific
Division: Molecular and Microanalysis
Base product
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA Scientific

Simply pipette your sample. No dilution means it can easily be recovered.

Microsense is easy to clean with no carry-over. Best of all, it can be used with any HORIBA Scientific steady-state or lifetime fluorescence system.

Do more with less!   See how far a drop can go!

Who is it for?

  • Molecular biologists working with nanogram to microgram quantities of DNA, RNA, or protein
  • Researchers measuring a with high sample turnover
  • Exploratory chemistry; analysis of intermediates.


  • Ultrasmall volumes: only 1-5 µL of sample needed.
  • No need for sample dilution, making sample recovery possible.
  • Samples are easily added and removed with standard laboratory pipettes.
  • Easy to clean for fast turnover.
  • Microsense can be used in any of steady-state or lifetime fluorometer.


  • only 1-5 µL of sample needed
  • Microsense fits standard fluorescence holders
  • Microsense can be used in any of our steady-state or lifetime fluorometers
  • Quartz optical pathways ensure high fidelity to cuvette-based results

Data: Fluorescein

Microsense Brochure
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