Monitoring - Software for monitoring MEXA
Monitoring - Automotive Monitoring
Monitoring - Automotive Testing

Software for monitoring MEXA

The Monitoring software continuously evaluates the health of all connected MEXA-ONE/7x00 emission benches and CVS-ONE dilution systems, providing an overview of the current status and immediately indicates any alarm and warnings for maintenance, which will minimize laboratory downtime. Status is indicated on measurement channels, device alarms, device operation status, warm-up status, and analyzer flow levels within the Monitoring software.

Additionally, device related events can be tracked back and the Monitoring software allows for logging of a subset of monitored channels independent of the test data.

Segment: Automotive Test Systems
Division: Test Automation Systems
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA, Ltd.
  • Monitoring continually evaluates the health of all connected MEXA-ONE/7x00 emission benches and CVS-ONE dilution systems
  • Lab managers get an immediate overview of the actual status of all connected devices
  • Monitoring allows connecting to an Open Platform Communication (OPC) Server to oversee additional channels
  • The system can log monitored channels independently from the test data
  • Service personnel can connect to a device controller from anywhere inside the network with a click of a button using reliable, time-proven remote access tools



  • The Monitoring software reduces testing time and resources by ensuring the equipment is operating at optimum levels
  • Tracking run-times and service intervals, the Monitoring software will minimize failures with regularly schedule preventative maintenance schedules

Monitoring includes the following three main modules:

  • Monitoring Service: obtaining the required information periodically from all connected devices
  • Monitoring Viewer: pulls the available data from the Monitoring Service and delivers the results in a visual way
  • Monitoring Configurator: allowing the creation and adjustment of Monitoring Service configurations specifying devices to monitor, data to log and scripts to derive new data from existing data
Requirements Description 
Monitoring Host 64bit Microsoft Windows 7 (or later) 
.NET 4.5.2 runtime or later
Network access to all monitored devices (TCP port 32000, configurable)


Latest DMC version (1.12.5 or later) 
MEXA 7000 or 7x00 (check)MCU Ver. 3 
PC Hardware Intel i5 2GHz or better 
16GB RAM or more (50 monitored devices)
5GB free disk space 
Gigabit network adapter 
DirectX 11 compatible graphics adapter (Viewer/Designer) 

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