Multi-Component Gas Analyzer VA-5000 / VS-5000

The Multi-Component Gas Analyzer VA-5000 Series is an all-round analyzer that satisfies measurement needs as required for environmental monitoring, energy development support, quality controls, and continuous emission monitoring, etc. The VA-5000 Analyzer can be configured with up to 4 detector modules within a single case. Many combinations of detector modules with a wide selection of ranges allows this series of analyzers to be used for a variety of applications. The VS-5000 Sample Gas Conditioning Systems are designed to support the VA-5000 Analyzers by proving the optimal sample conditions for measurement.

Segment: Process And Environment
Division: Process Gas
Base product
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA Ltd.
  • Versatility for Various Applications

    ・ Simultaneous measurement of up to four gas components.
    ・ Auto pressure compensation provides stable measurements by compensating for barometric pressure changes
    ・ Employs a thermostatically controlled gas flow sensor to increase accuracy of measurements.

  • Ease of Use
    ・ A 5.7 inch LCD touchscreen provides analyzer information measurement status, trend graphs, diagnostics and analyzer settings
    ・ Detector modules can be added or replaced quickly
    ・ A front panel USB allows instrument instant settings to be logged in addition to sample data

  • Additional Features
    ・ Auto-calibration
    ・ Blowback control
    ・ Self-diagnosis
    ・ Data logging
    ・ Analyzer configuration settings
    ・ Multiple analog and digital outputs (option)
  • VA-5000 Series Sample Gas Conditioning Systems
    ・ Designed to support the VA-5000 Series Analyzers
    ・ Convenient 19-inch rack mount configuration
    ・ Integrates pumps, coolers, filters, flow controls, NOx converters, etc., within a single case


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