nanoGPS OxyO Scale

nanoGPS OxyO Scale - Position Calibration Plate

X, Y, Θ Position Calibration Plate For Machine Vision and Microscopy

nanoGPS OxyO® Scale is a position calibration plate for Machine Vision and Microscopy, available as OEM or stand-alone solution from HORIBA Scientific.

nanoGPS OxyO® technology is based on taking a picture of a patented patterned substrate, and interpreting this picture into position (x, y) and orientation (θ). The nanoGPS OxyO® Encoder is also based on this technology.

Segment: Scientific
Division: OEM
Base product
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA Scientific
  • Snapshot determination of 3 absolute coordinates
  • Repositioning accuracy in the nm range (x, y) and 10 μrad (θ)
  • Easier to deploy and cheaper than a laser interferometer system
  • Based on your existing image acquisition system
  • Can be easily installed/disinstalled, i.e. for verification or calibration operations
  • Can be used as an upgrade or retrofit of existing stage assemblies
  • In the case of a planar stage + rotation stage assemblies: cheaper and more accurate than conventional optical scale solutions
  • Coded zone: ranging from 3 mm x 3 mm to 300 mm x 300 mm or more

Typical Use Cases

  • Provides reliable overnight automation (repositioning accuracy less than 10nm)
  • Detects and solves positioning issues in a microscope (stability of the mount, perturbation by the lab environment, accuracy of a moving stage)
  • Adds to Machine Vision the capability to determine trajectories, positionning accuracy and reproducibility
  • When moving a part between 2 machines, allows precise repositioning of the part in each machine


nanoGPS OxyO Position Calibration Plate Flyer
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