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Lets you navigate easily through your image

NavMapTM is a technique that lets you navigate on zoomed sample’s surface to closely visualize sample surface details. It allows you to view the sample’s image of the large field of view obtained with the low objective magnification, with the zoomed sample’s image obtained with the high objective magnification containing sample’s surface details. This capability lets you compare the global sample vision and sample’s surface details vision in the region of interests simultaneously.

Segment: Scientific
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA France SAS

In video mode, NavMapTM places a low magnification image in the top right corner of the live image. Inside this low magnification view, its position in the high magnification live image is clearly indicated by a red square. This ensures that you don’t lose your place within your image, and that you can easily  identify a region of interest.

By clicking on the NavMapTM arrow, the targeted area is recorded and moved to the top right corner NavMapTM window.

Switching to a higher magnification objective provides two easy ways to move around the sample surface: Either by grabbing and moving the red square in the NavMapTM window, or by moving on the live video image, whereby the red square moves accordingly. This eliminates the  need for  the joy stick.

  • Navigate easily through your image with NavMapTM
  • Keep track of a region of interest inside your low magnification view
  • Reach region of interest easily and quickly
  • Use your mouse for better dexterity.  
  • No need to use the joy stick.

Example of dolomite (50x)

Example of Cystine crystals (50x)

Example of Cystine crystals (100x)

Example of rutile (50x)

NavMapTM application is included is the groundbreaking EasyNavTM package.

NavMapTM app is available in the LabStore of LabSpec 6 spectroscopy software suite:


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