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On-board Emissions Measurement System

On-board PN measurement for real-world results

The OBS-ONE PN unit is an on-board emissions measurement system for analyzing the solid particle number concentration within the specified particle size range under real-world driving conditions. The unit uses a condensation particle counter which is recommended principle by the Particle Measurement Programme (PMP), one of working groups affiliated with UNECE.
The PN unit combines with the GAS unit to measure the specified exhaust gas components, along with the exhaust gas flow rate, the GPS position, and the atmospheric conditions (temperature, humidity, pressure).

Segment: Automotive Test Systems
Division: Emission Measurement Systems
Base product
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA Ltd.

For Certification to the draft regulation as currently understood

  • Meeting the requirements of the Euro 6 draft regulation (RDE mandatory certification starting Sep. 2017)

For R&D

  • Compare in-lab test results with real-road test results


◎ Compact dimensions realized by the optimized volatile particle remover and modified CPC.

◎ Isopropyl alcohol as the working fluid: safely and conveniently used by saturation of a small cartridge during test preparation - no reservoir required

◎ User-friendly design mounts easily on any vehicle


Integrated Operating Platform

The OBS-ONE and other HORIBA ONE series systems employ a common user interface with future expandability. Control, monitoring and management of each emission measurement device and each module unit of OBS-ONE series can be integrated into a single controller.

Measuring PrinciplesCondensation particle counter (CPC)
Particle Diameter23 ~ 1,000 nm
Measuring Range0 ~ 5 × 107 particles/cm3
Power SupplyDC 24 V
Power Consumption (MAX.)Approx. 0.25 kW
MassApprox. 18 kg
Operating ConditionTemperature: -10 ~ 40 ℃, Altitude: 0 to 2,000 m above sea level, Relative humidity: less than 80% (No condensation)
Condensation fluidIsopropyl alcohol a special grade reagent (99.5%) corresponded
OptionOuter cover for mounting outside the vehicle using a hitch carrier
RDE tests on the chassis dynamometer
RDE tests on the chassis dynamometer
OBS-ONE PN Brochure English
Size 0.51 MB


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