Converter for peracetic acid monitor



Continuous measurement of peracetic acid concentration for food filling machinery.

A measurement device for continuous measurement of the concentration of peracetic acid used for sterilization in food and beverage processing. The device uses no reagents and is maintenance-free.




Division: Process Water
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA Advanced Techno Co., Ltd.


  • Can measure concentrations from 0-4000mg/L
  • Reagent-free continuous measurement
  • Easy-to-replace sensor (no service engineer required)
  • Panel-mounted display enables remote operation
  • IP65 compliant display (when mounted on wall)
  • 4-20mA output and RS-485 communication
    5 contact outputs


Usage Examples

Examples of Peracetic Acid Monitoring
(1) Checking concentration during adjustments
(2) Checking concentration during supply
(3) Checking concentration during return



Product nameConverter for peracetic acid monitor※1
Temperature compensation elementPlatinum resistance thermometer (Pt1000) 1000 W at 0℃, 3850 ppm/℃
Measurement range100 to 4000ppm (0.010 to 0.400%)
Transmission outputNumber of outputs: 2 (Negative terminals of each transmission output channel are connected inside and thus have the same electric potential.) 4mA to 20mA DC or 0mA to 20mA DC input/output isolated type Load resistance: 900  (max.) Linearity: Within 0.08 mA (Output only) Repeatability: Within 0.02 mA (Output only) Output setting: Peracetic acid concentration (Selectable from 0 to 22000 ppm or 0.000 to 2.200) Temperature (Selectable from 10C to 110C) HOLD function: Selectable from the previous value hold and the optional value hold (Setable without HOLD only while calibration
Contact outputNumber of outputs: 5 Contact output: 4 (R1 to R4) Contact type: Non-voltage contact output, relay contact SPST (1a) Contact capacity: 240 V AC 1 A, 30 V DC 1 A (Resistance load) Contact function: Selectable from Upper/lower limit alarm (ON/OFF control) at each measuring objects(concentration, temperature) (Alarm Setting of delay time about measuring objects: 0 seconds to 600 seconds) Contact action: closed when status is in the event. (However, R1 to R3 share a common terminal. R4 and RF share a common terminal) Error alarm contact output (RF): 1 Contact type: Non-voltage contact output, Relay contact, SPDT (1c) Contact capacity: 240 V AC 1 A, 30 V DC 1 A (Resistance load) Contact function: Fail Contact action: Closed when status is normal for C-NO output. Opened when any erroneous status is detected or power is down for C-NO output. C-NC output is opposite action of C-NO. R4 and RF share a common terminal.
Contact inputNumber of input: 1 (external HOLD input) Contact type: No-voltage a contact for open collector Condition: ON resistance: 100 ・ (max.)
・Open-circuit voltage: 24 V DC
・Short-circuit current: 12 mA DC (max.)
Communication outputRS-485 input/output
Self-diagnosis functionCalibration error /Temperture sensor error/Meter error
Power supply24 V DC ±10%
StructureIndoor-use panel installation type Panel case: ABS, Terminal: PBT Panel: IP65 dust and water proof structure
Conforming standardsCE Marking EMC Directive: EN61326-1※2 Class A, Industrial electromagnetic environment FCC rule FCC Part15


Product namePeracetic acid sensor※3
Measurement principleElectrochemical measurement system
Measurement targetPeracetic acid (CH3COOOH) ※4
Sample temperature range0℃to 45℃ (without freezing)
Supply flow rate500 mL/min to 2000 mL/min※5
PressureWithin 0.1 MPa (constant)※6
Responsibility(To the measurement cell after a supply start) T90 < 5 min※5
Repeatability±100 ppm※7
Ambient temperature0℃ to 45
Liquid contact materialPVC, PTFE, Silicon, PPO, OPP
Internal liquidNeutral phosphate(Food additive)
Cable length5 m to 50 m max.※8

※1 This product does not use for medical equipment.
※2 When the sensor cable, the transmission cable, or the contact input cable is extended to 30 m or longer, the surge test specified in the EMC directive for CE marking is not applied.
※3 This product does not use for medical equipment.
※4 Measurements may be affected by a change of the concentrations of hydrogen peroxide
※5 When supply flow rate decreases, responsibility may become slow. Supply flow rate is responsibility when switches from the solution including peracetic acid from the solution which does not include peracetic acid.
※6 When sample pressure includes a change, influence is reflected on instructions level. Install it to become the constant pressure.
※7 Under the constant ambient temperature, sample temperature and flow rate
※8 When the connection cable is extended to 30 m or longer, the surge test specified in the EMC directive for CE marking is not applied.


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