Sanitary Conductivity Sensor (Flow Through type) FES-310L

FES-310L Sanitary Conductivity Sensor (Flow Through type)

Flow-Through sensor type for wide-range conductivity meter HE-960HI

Since this flow-through type sensor has no internal protuberances, fluid flows through the sensor with exactly the same inside diameter as the pipe, thus helping reduce fluid retention and ensuring that CIP chemical fluid is drained completely, which results in higher cleaning performance.
The FES-310L Series sanitary conductivity sensors, which are used in conjunction with the HE-960HS conductivity converter, deliver improved yields and accurate CIP terminal management.


Segment: Process And Environment
Division: Process Water
Base product
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA Advanced Techno Co. Ltd.


  • Straight structure without differences in levels or protuberances
    Ensures low residual elements, even with high viscosity products, and enables production that maintains product shape, including those with solids
  • Buff-polished inner surface
  • Line-up of 6 sensor sizes: 1.5 S, 2 S, 2.5 S, 3 S, 4 S, and 4.5 S
  • SUS316L, PPS, and FKM are used as materials for contact with fluids



ModelFES-310 -L-S-SN- 1.5SFES-310  -L-S-SN- 2.0SFES-310 -L-S-SN- 2.5SFES-310 -L-S-SN- 3.0SFES-310 -L-S-SN- 4.0SFES-310 -L-S-SN- 4.5S
Measurement principleAlternative four-pole method
Cell constantApprox. 0.1 /cm
Measurement range0 to 500 mS/cm (complies with the specifications of the conductivity converter)
Temperature range under normal use0 to 110°C
Pressure range0 to 1 MPa
Ambient operating temperature / humidity0 to 50°C, 95% RH or lower
StructureIP67 or equivalent
Materials for contact with fluidsSUS 316L, PPS, FKM
Steam sterilization140°C / 0.6 MPa, within 60 minutes
Connection bore diameterIDF / ISO
1.5 S ferrule
2.0 S ferrule
2.5 S ferrule
3.0 S ferrule
4.0 S ferrule
4.5 S ferrule
WeightApprox. 2.5 kgApprox. 2.5 kgApprox. 3.5 kgApprox. 5.0 kgApprox. 6.0 kgApprox. 8.0 kg
Cables10 m Y-shaped terminal
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