Sylent Scientific CMOS Camera

Ultra-compact Scientific CMOS Camera

Overview: Model 4.2MP-U-6.5

The HORIBA Sylent scientific CMOS uncooled camera incorporates a novel back-illuminated 4.2 MP sensor with 6.5 μm pixels and featuring a 13.3 mm x 13.3 mm active photosensitive area targeted to meet the most demanding photonic applications for the scientific and industrial sectors.

Sylent Model 4.2MP-U-6.5 boasts an ultra-compact design geared towards field-deployed robustness offering end users with high resolution, fast frame rate acquisitions that tout ultra-low noise (1.6 e-), good full well capacity (> 50 ke-), enhanced dynamic range (90 dB), high quantum efficiencies (up to 95%) … all captured in an image with large field of view.

Cooled camera version available upon request.

Design Highlights: Model 4.2MP-U-6.5-BI
Design Highlights: Model 4.2MP-U-6.5-BI

Camera is available in select countries.

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Segment: Scientific
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA Scientific

Design Features: Model 4.2MP-U-6.5-BI

Scientific 4.2 MP CMOS Sensor

At the heart of HORIBA's new Sylent scientific CMOS camera model lies a novel back-illuminated sensor architecture providing UV to NIR responsivity with quantum efficiencies (QE) of up to 95% … without the use of performance limiting micro-lenses.

Outstanding High Dynamic Range

In addition to the user selectable 12-bit High and Low gain operating modes, the Sylent 4.2MP-U-6.5-BI camera features an unprecedented 16-bit High Dynamic Range (HDR) mode (90 dB) allowing for the accurate capture of weak and bright signal regions simultaneously on a per image basis.

Here, Sylent’s HDR mode leverages its sensor’s Dual Amplifier/ADC structure to simultaneously sample each pixel’s high gain (low noise) and low gain (high capacity) path and merge the appropriate digitized value (on a pixel-by-pixel basis) to extend the captured image’s dynamic range to a 16-bit level without compromising sensitivity or linearity. As illustrated in the image collage below, trade-offs traditionally made by scientists and engineers to choose between the limitations of high gain (sensitivity) or low gain (capacity) acquisitions are overcome with this novel feature to meet the challenges of today’s imaging and spectroscopic quantitative applications.

The Sylent 4.2MP-U-6.5-BI camera features an unprecedented 16-bit High Dynamic Range (HDR) mode (90 dB)

USB 3.0 Interface

From a host communication standpoint, the Sylent 4.2MP-U-6.5-BI camera incorporates a USB 3.0 interface to handle the high data rates associated with its 4.2 MP scientific CMOS sensor, and achieves an impressive 43 fps for full resolution images. For the most demanding applications that require enhanced temporal resolution, increased frame rates are achieved by user selectable smaller ROI sizes.

Timestamp Feature

HORIBA’s new Sylent 4.2MP-U-6.5-BI camera model provides a user selectable coarse or fine “Timestamp” function per image that is accurate to 1 μSec and 20 nSec respectively. This “Timestamp” feature allows the user to have precise knowledge of acquired frame times as they relate to an application’s temporal dynamics and is especially important for fast events … to eliminate the ill effects of computer and interface latencies.


Microscopy:  Fluorescence, Light Sheet Fluorescence Microscopy (LSFM), FRET, TRIF, FRAP, Live Cell Imaging, Spinning Disk Confocal, Structured Illumination, Hyperspectral Imaging, Bright-Field, Calcium Imaging, Bio-Luminescence, Biomedical Imaging, STORM

Inspection: Food, Manufacturing, Electronics, Flat Panel Display, Low-Light Machine Vision, Ophthalmology, Low Light Surveillance

Spectroscopy: Fluorescence, Phosphorescence, Photoluminescence, Raman, Hyperspectral Imaging, Semiconductor Inspection and Metrology

Industrial, Machine Vision, Robotics, Medical and Scientific Applications, Quality Inspection and Process Automation

General Camera Specifications*
Scientific CMOS Camera AttributeSylent Model 4.2MP-U-6.5-BI
Scientific CMOS Sensor TypeMonochrome / Back-Illuminated (Front-illuminated upon request)
Effective Pixels4.2 Mega Pixel / Monochrome
Active Pixels2048 x 2048
Pixel size (μm)6.5 x 6.5
Active Photosensitive Area (mm)13.3 x 13.3 (Optical format: 1.2" / Diagonal 18.9 mm)
Full Well55 ke¯ typ50 ke¯ min
Linear Full Well53 ke¯ typ48 ke¯ min
Read Noise Median1.6 e¯ typ2.5 e¯ max
Dynamic Range (HDR)31,623:1 (90 dB) typ
Quantum EfficiencyUp to 95%
Shutter ModeRolling
Exposure Time11.2 micro-second to seconds (defined only by Dark Current)
Image Time Stamp AccuracyCoarse: 1 micro-secondFine: 20 nano-second
Triggering Modes
(Frame Synchronization)
Internal Sync
External Sync --- Single or Multiple Triggers
External Sync --- Single / Multiple Triggers with Delays
Pixel Readout Rates50 MHz25 MHz
Frame Rates (fps)16 / 12 Bit16 / 12 Bit
2048 x 20484321
2048 x 10248743
2048 x 51217487
CommunicationUSB 3.0 
External I/O Connector9-Pin Micro D-Sub
3-Pin M8
Power On / Off SwitchYes
Environmental ConditionsOperating Temperature Range: +15 0C to +40 0C
Operating Humidity Range: <70% (non-condensing)
Storage Temperature Range: -20 0C to +60 0C Input
Input Voltage Range+9 to +24 Vdc
Input Power7.9 W typ (24 Vdc @ 0.329 Adc)
CoolingFan (standard) / TE-cooling available upon request
Window MaterialSelectable / UV Grade Fused-Silica (Standard)
Window CoatingAvailable AR Coating on request
Lens Mount AdapterC-Mount (Standard) / F-Mount (Optional) / Customizable on request
Camera Size Without C-MountInches: 2.38 x 2.87 x 2.94mm: 60.4 x 72.9 x 74.7
Camera Size With C-MountInches: 2.38 x 2.87 x 3.31mm: 60.4 x 72.9 x 84.1
WeightLbs: 0.70Grams: 318
Software SupportCustom API/SDK support for easy integration to C#, C++ applications
and container applications supporting standard DLL library interface.
Consult factory for 3rd party imaging software support.

* Specification values subject to change


Sensor Region of Interest (ROI)USB 3.0 Maximum Frame Rate (fps)
ROI AreaROI Size by Pixels50 MHz
Pixel Rate
25 MHz
Pixel Rate
mm x mmW x H16 / 12 Bit16 / 12 Bit
13.3 x 13.32048 x 20484321
9.1 x 9.11400 x 14006331
7.8 x 7.81200 x 12007437
6.7 x 6.71024 x 10248643
3.3 x 3.3512 x 51217286
1.7 x 1.7256 x 256342171
0.8 x 0.8128 x 128671337



    Sensor Array Size        USB 3.0 Maximum Spectral Rate    
W x H50 MHz
Pixel Rate
25 MHz
Pixel rate
16 / 12 Bit16 / 12 Bit
Any x 86,9443,610
Any x 164,2552,183
Any x 322,4151,224
Any x 641,294652
Any x 12007437
Any x 20484321



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