Ultra Low Frequency Raman Module

LabRAM HR Evolution

Raman measurement below 10 cm-1

The ultra low frequency (ULF) module allows Raman spectroscopic information in the sub-100cm-1 region, with measurements below <10cm-1 routinely available.

Segment: Scientific
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA France SAS

The module opens up new areas of research for routine Raman microscopy. Traditionally low frequency analysis has been confined to large research systems or complex and expensive instruments such as Far IR or TeraHertz spectrometers – now the ULF module for the LabRAM HR Raman microscope opens up this field to the routine analyst. The high throughput of the LabRAM HR series allows measurements to be obtained in just a few seconds or minutes.  Moreover, Stokes and anti-Stokes spectral features can be simultaneously measured, providing additional information to the user.

Ultra low frequency Raman provides important information on a range of sample types, from pharmaceutical polymorphs or carbon nanotubes to heavy metal halides and semiconductors. The low frequency modes can give detail on conformational changes, subtle changes in lattice structure and even gaseous phase bond length – parameters not easily accessible on traditional benchtop equipment.

  • Pharmaceutical polymorphs
  • LA modes of polymer
  • Semiconductor lattices
  • Material phase/structure
  • Metal Halides
  • Gases
  • Carbon nanotubes
  • Micro-crystallites

Pharmaceutical polymorphs

Polymer LA modes

Semiconductor super lattices

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