Vacuum Spectrometer - TGM1200

VUV Spectrometer TGM1200

Monochromator with 1000 mm focal length to cover the 12.5-400 nm spectral range.

Based on the first VUV instrument in the world designed around a toroïdal aberration corrected grating (LHT30, HORIBA JOBIN YVON patent), the TGM (Toroidal Grating Monochromator) series monochromators covers the whole VUV wavelength range from 10 to 400 nm. The wavelength selection is done by grating rotation, slits remaining fixed which is particularly useful when used as a tunable light source. Thanks to its original optical design using a toroïdal grating in grazing incidence, the TGM series monochromators is a low aberration monochromator with an unmatched throughput.

Segment: Scientific
Division: Custom Spectroscopy Solutions
Base product
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA France SAS

•    Single Toroidal Grating design
•    Low astigmatism level
•    Dual grating Slider option
•    High Vacuum compatible
•     Entrance and exit slits fixed in position
•     Choice of master or replica gratings
•    Fully automated wavelength drive
•    USB2 controller
•    HORIBA Scientific software



•    Optimized for throughput
•    High S/N ratio measurement
•    Versatility under vacuum
•    A 5 10-6  mbar– option a 5 10-9 mbar
•    Easy integration in any setup
•    Synchrotron compatible with master gratings and UHV option
•    Easy to operate
•    Easy computer control
•    Easy programmable with SDK


Monochromator with 1000 mm focal length to cover the 12.5-400 nm spectral range.

Optical design

Toroïdal VLS Grating (single optic)

Focal length

1000 mm




950 gr/mm : 12.5-52.5 nm

250 gr/mm : 50-200 nm

125 gr/mm : 85-400 nm

Optic coating

Pt or Au

Deviation angle



950 gr/mm : 0.3 nm/mm at 12.5 nm

250 gr/mm : 1.1 nm/mm at 50 nm

125 gr/mm : 2.1 nm/mm at 85 nm


Sine arm


5 10-6 mbar (HV version)

5 10-9 mbar (UHV version)

Pumping flange

DN100 CF

Entrance/exit port

Micrometric slits (10 µm to 2 mm)

Entrance/exit flange

DN40 KF (DN40 CF)

PC interface

Built-in USB2 (no additional controller)

TGM series Toroidal Grating Monochromator Brochure
Size 1.87 MB


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Product accessories

Sample chamber for VUV system
MoreSample chamber for VUV system
Accessory for transmission and reflection measurements
Source: Deuterium Lamp for VUV systems
MoreSource: Deuterium Lamp for VUV systems
For radiation down to 115nm

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