Yumizen G Range Reagents


Routine/specific reagents for Yumizen G range hemostasis analyzers

ReferenceProduct nameUnits
1300036338Yumizen G PT 55 x 5ml
1300036339Yumizen G PT 5+10 x 5ml
1300036370Yumizen G PT 1010 x 10ml
1300036371Yumizen G PT liq 26 x 2ml
1300036372Yumizen G PT liq 2+12 x 2ml
1300036373Yumizen G PT liq 412 x 4ml
1300036374Yumizen G PT liq 812 x 8ml
Recombinant thromboplastin reagent
1300036375Yumizen G PT Reco 510 x 5ml
1300036376Yumizen G PT Reco 1010 x 10ml
Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time (For use with Yumizen G CaCl2) 
1300036377Yumizen G APTT 46 x 4ml
1300036378Yumizen G APTT 4+12 x 4ml
1300036379Yumizen G APTT liq 26 x 2ml
1300036380Yumizen G APTT liq 2+12 x 2ml
1300036381Yumizen G APTT liq 412 x 4ml
Trombin Time
1300036382Yumizen G TT12 x 3ml
Fibrinogen by Clauss method (For use with Yumizen G IMIDAZOL)
1300036383Yumizen G FIB 212 x 2ml
1300036384Yumizen G FIB 512 x 5ml
Controls & Calibrators
1300036412Yumizen G CTRL l & ll5 x 1ml (2x)
1300036413Yumizen G CTRL l & ll+10 x 1ml (2x)
1300036416Yumizen G CAL12 x 1ml
Ready to use solutions
1300036385Yumizen G IMIDAZOL12 x 15ml
1300036386Yumizen G CaCl2 412 x 4 ml
1300036387Yumizen G CaCl2 1612 x 16ml
Washing solutions
1300036418Yumizen G SORB12 x 15ml
1300036419Yumizen G Clean SYS12 x 15ml
1300036420Yumizen G CLEANER4,5 L


ReferenceProduct nameUnits
1300036390Yumizen G ATIII4 x3ml
1300036416Yumizen G CAL12 x 1ml
1300036412Yumizen G CTRL l & ll5 x 1ml (2x)
1300036413Yumizen G CTRL l & ll+10 x 1ml (2x)
1300036391Yumizen G DDi 23 x 2,5ml
1300036392Yumizen G DDi 43 x 4ml
1300036414Yumizen G CTRL DDi l & ll 55 x 1ml (2x)
1300036415Yumizen G CTRL DDi l & ll 1010 x 1ml (2x)
1300036393Yumizen G Fll5 x 1ml
1300036394Yumizen G FV5 x 1ml
1300036395Yumizen G FVll5 x 1ml
1300036396Yumizen G FX5 x 1ml
1300036397Yumizen G FVlll5 x 1ml
1300036398Yumizen G FIX5 x 1ml
1300036399Yumizen G FXI5 x 1ml
1300036400Yumizen G FXII5 x 1ml
Inhibitor Factors
1300036401Yumizen G PROT C4 x 2ml
1300036402Yumizen G PROT S Act4 x 1ml
Lupus anticoagulant
1300036403Yumizen G DRVVT S5 x 2ml
1300036404Yumizen G DRVVT C5 x 1ml
1300036405Yumizen G PLASMINOGEN4 x 2ml
1300036406Yumizen G CTRL Spec N5 x 1ml
1300036407Yumizen G CTRL Spec P5 x 1ml
1300036408Yumizen G CTRL LA1 x 1ml
1300036409Yumizen G CAL Spec5 x 1ml


Segment: Medical
Division: Hemostasis

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