Zero Gas Generator

Calibration of Ambient Air Monitoring Systems

HORIBA Europe’s Zero Gas Generator ZNV-7 has been developed to check the zero point and dilute the span gas sources in order to carry out the calibration of ambient air monitoring systems. The increasing sensitivity of ambient air analyzers is required by strict official guidelines, which demands pure and dry air in a sufficient quantity at constant pressure.


Division: Ambient
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA Europe GmbH
  • Ambient air will be sucked through a filter by using an oilfree piston compressor and will be compressed to max. 7 bar.
  • The compressed air will be piped to a cooling spiral followed by coaling filter for eliminating the humidity.
  • The dew point of the gas will be reduced by 35°K using a membrane dryer.
  • The installed container with 7l size will reduce the operation hours to a minimum.
  • The pressure at the outlet can be adjusted in a range of 1 – 4 bar.
  • For cleaning the gas will pass filter cartridges and the Purafill filters after pressure regulating.
  • The maintenance interval depends on ambient air conditions and zero gas consumption. At least 4 month will be guaranteed.
  • The pressure of the container and the outlet will be displayed at the front panel.




Zero point and span gas dilution

Zero gas supply

max. 10 l /min

Relative humidity

< 5 %

Efficiency for SO2

< 1.0 ppb

Efficiency for NO / NO2

< 1.0 ppb

Efficiency for O3

< 1.0 ppb

Efficiency for CO

< 10.0 ppb

Output pressuregase

0 - 4 bar

Automatic dehumidifier, 

Automatic condensate drain

Oil free piston compressor



230 V ac 50 / 60 Hz, max 435W


19“ plug-in unit, 6 HU, 860 x 270 x 480 mm


Approx. 30 kg,

Conforming standardsCE marking, DIN EN 14792

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