Fluorescence Microscopy

Fluorescence Microfluorometry and Mapping

Fluorescence microfluorometry combines the spatial resolution and light collection of a microscope with the analytical power of spectrofluorometry. Unlike conventional fluorescence microscopy which gives images at one or several wavelength bands, our microfluorometry solutions can give you complete steady state spectra or lifetime from any point in the image.

Our microfluorometry lines include solutions based on your microscope or complete turn-key systems. Units can be as basic as collecting spectra from a single point to complete mapping solutions whereby the sample is scanned over the x- and y-directions on a precision microscope stage while measuring a spectrum or lifetime at each point.

Fluorescence microfluorimetry is used for intra- and intercellular biochemistry, PV efficiency analysis, crystal structure of geological specimens, nanotechnology and nanoparticles, materials science, textiles, quality-control of pharmaceuticals, even detection of anomalous features on counterfeit banknotes.

A-TEEM Spectroscopy

A-TEEM Spectroscopy

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