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For a limited time only, HORIBA Scientific is offering a 20% discount on the purchase of the Springer book on “Fluorescence in Industry” edited by Bruno Pedras.  The book is published within the Springer Series on Fluorescence which focusses on the field of fluorescence and the practical applications that are on the forefront of the technology, including analytical, biomedical, molecular sciences, etc.

The book includes a chapter on “Instrumentation for Fluorescence Lifetime Measurement Using Photon Counting” which charts the history of Strathclyde University spinoff of IBH and its products, from its incorporation in 1977 as the longest-established company in TCSPC, through to its present role as part of HORIBA Scientific.

The HORIBA DeltaFlex TCSPC system is described in the chapter as an example of leading-edge capabilities for measuring fluorescence lifetimes, including resolving fluorescence lifetimes down to 5ps, and measuring a fluorescence lifetime in as little as 60μs for the study of transient species and kinetics.

The book has just been released.  HORIBA Scientific is offering a 20% discount off the cost of either the hard cover or the e-book versions.

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