Leveraging a Research Budget through IFPRI

Webinar Description

The International Fine Particles Research Institute, IFPRI, is a non-profit organization founded in 1979 that drives particle science research and practice in areas such as particle characterization, size reduction, wet and dry handling, and formation. It is a unique global network of companies and academics with active research programs in particle science and technology. These companies work together to identify and fund precompetitive research in particle science. In addition, IFPRI meetings serve as a cross-industry forum for exchanging insights and information about practical issues in particle manufacturing.

Topics include:

  • IFPRI's particle science network
  • Collaboration and leveraging of pre-competitive cutting-edge research
  • Research initiatives and highlights
  • Access to top academics and industrialists
  • IFPRI's unique organization, culture, membership, and activities 

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