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LA-920 Particle Analyzer (Retired)

The LA-920 Laser Diffraction Particle Size Analyzer succeeded the LA-910 about the time Windows XP became unavailable with the PC’s we purchased. This end of Windows XP era was a welcome change as Windows 7 greatly improved its Graphical User Interface (GUI), giving HORIBA leeway to increase our software package features such as user-configurable screens, reports, print layouts and most importantly, auto detector alignment and auto pump speed control. The LA-920 is fully driven by the software, eliminating many common operator errors.

We also took this opportunity to improve the optical system where we doubled the number of high-angle detectors for greater submicron resolution. To enable a smooth upgrade path for existing users, the LA-920 pioneered built-in data correlation function in its software. The function mimicked how the LA-910 collects scattering intensity data, allowing users to preserve most of their existing specifications. For that reason, our users have found and described the upgrade into the LA-920 to be a good return on investment.

The LA-920 reached its End of Support in 2017. HORIBA will no longer provide software update or service support for the LA-920 as it has been fully replaced by our modern, high-performance LA-960 Laser Diffraction Particle Size Analyzer.

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