Dynamometer Testing

Configurable test cells for driveline and powertrain testing

A variety of configurable, customizable powertrain test cells to fit unique specifications.

Test applications      

  • From full-vehicle to e-motor and component testing
  • A full compliment of simulation options for road and environmental conditions 
  • Speeds up to 18,000 rpm, Torque up to 20,00 nm

AWD Powertrain validation, verification, and durability located in Troy, Michigan

Prime Mover (HEV)Wheel Dynamometers (4), PM, J= (1 to 4 kg-m2)DC PowerInstrumentationSpecimens
250 kW (180% OL)225-515 kW (120% OL)150 kW-225 kW (OL)Power AnalyzerAWD Vehicle 
450 N-m4,000 N-m20-600 VMTE (DELTA) AnalyzerAWD Powertrain
18,000 RPM (top)3,000 RPM (top)0-400 AHILS, CAN, AL/AO, DIOFWD, RWD Vehicle
Virtual Engine (ETPS), AGS, MGSVirtual Wheel (slip), DRLSVirtual Battery, Virtual Ultra Cap(optional) PEMSFWD, RWD Powertrain

Ancillary Equipment: Vehicle velocity fan, eAxle support fixture, fluid conditioning system (WEG, ATF, Gear Lube, H2O), robot-driver controls rack, instrumentation racks, free wheeling hub/tire assemblies (on vehicle and wheel supports, adjustable flywheel set on dynamometers 


Please contact HORIBA Contract Test Services for a quotation:

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