Structural Testing

A wide variety of structural testing capabilities

HORIBA Contract Test Team excels in areas of structural testing and is a recognized leader in testing future technologies.

Test applications:    

  • Strength, stiffness, impact, low frequency vibration, fatigue, durability, and performance
  • Steering / Suspension systems and components
  • Full & half car simulation using Road Load Data


Broad range of servo-controlled test equipment:

  • Over 100 servo-controlled actuators with wide range of stroke and force ratings
  • Open format configurable multi-axis test sites
  • Environmental enclosures, liquid spray, and emersion testing


Controls and programs featuring:

  • STARS Test Automation System with SPARC Close Loop control
  • nCode fatigue and damage editing and analysis
  • Centralized controls and video monitoring


Please contact HORIBA Contract Test Services for a quotation:

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