Training course


Ellipsometry : Advanced Modeling Techniques


  • Reference: ELL2
  • Dates:
    • June 3-5, 2019
    • November 25-27, 2019
  • Who should attend: Advanced users. A level of knowledge equivalent to Level ELL1 is required
  • Duration: 3 days (From 9:00 am to 5:30 pm)
  • Location: France


  • Introduction to the software
  • Practical work on known datasets
  • Practical work on customer data


Day 1

Practical Session of Non-ideal Samples:
Measurements and Modeling

  • Review of theory
  • Analysis of gradient layer
  • Analysis of thick films >2μm
  • Non-uniform thicknesses
  • Study of depolarizing sample

Day 2

Practical Session of Non-ideal Samples

  • Analysis of combined ellipsometric and transmission data for thin metallic films sample
  • Anisotropy: learn how to identify the axis orientation to run appropriate measurements for modeling  


Day 3

Practice session  - Customer samples


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