Training course


Particle Size Analyzer: Laser diffraction


Reference: PSA1
Dates: March 12, 2019 | October 7, 2019
Who should attend: Users of Laser Diffraction Analyzers LA 300, LA350, LA950, LA960 Analyzers
Duration: 1 day  (From 9 am to 5:30 pm)



• Acquire theoretical and practical knowledge on the particle size analyzer
• Learn how to optimize operating conditions for any sample



Laser Diffraction Theory
• Description of optical configuration & hardware
• Fraunhofer and Mie theory
• Refractive Index (RI) definition and optimization,  mathematical data treatment
• Results and interpretation (distribution base (volume, number, surface), description of typical statistical parameters (D10, D50, D90, Mode, std, D43….)

Presentation of the unit with its different parts  and accessories demonstrating associated applications.

• Installation
• Software description for quick handling
• How to create SOP and check reference materials
• How to create a standard SOP
• Method (SOP) set up on customer samples

Importance of sample preparation (sampling, sample predispersion)

Choice of Analytical Conditions and Optimisation
• Pump speed/stirrer speed (wet mode), Pressure / feeder vibration (dry mode)
• Acquisition time
• Concentration
• Ultrasonics: internal/external use
• Refractive index selection and optimization
• Results interpretation (fit optimization, right size parameters selected regarding sample distribution, etc.)

Data exportation and setup

Specific software functions

Hands-on with Common Samples such as:
• Colored samples
• Dense materials
• Polydisperse & multimodal samples
• Granulated formulations / friable samples
• Emulsions

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