Training course


SPRi - Customer Training on their Applications

These trainings are held in France or at your location and are conducted in French or English.


  • Reference: SPRi3
  • Dates:
    • March 9-12, 2020
    • September 8-11, 2020
  • Who should attend: XelPleX or OpenPlex users. People wishing to acquire an OpenPlex.
    For this training the attendees should be from the same team 
  • Duration: 4 days (From 9 am to 5 pm)


  • Learn how to optimize experimental conditions in function of interactions to analyze
  • Learn how to spot the biochip with the spotter defined by the user
  • Master the use of the SPRi system, defined beforehand by the user
  • Learn how to analyze data



Day 1

  • Which biochip to choose according to the molecules to immobilize?
  • How to optimize spotting (concentrations, buffers, reference, ...)?
  • The important experimental parameters to be tested in SPRi (pH, running buffer, temperature,...)
  • Advice to be applied during the realization of the experiment (duration of kinetics, flow rate, regeneration, ...)
  • Establishment of an experimental protocol


Day 2

  • Choose suitable surface chemistry for immobilized ligands
  • Perform spotting based on the previously defined protocol
  • Advice about the maintenance of the instrument


Day 3

  • Carry out the SPRi experiment as described in the protocol
  • Master the use of the chosen SPRi device (XelPleX or OpenPleX)


Day 4

  • Reminder on interaction kinetics
  • Software use
  • Data analysis


Our trainers are experts in each technique. They will provide trainings advice and guidance to make the most of your HORIBA Scientific instrument. You will gain confidence and experience in the analysis of your samples.

Certificates are given to every attendee for every course.


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