Engineering Sheets

Download detailed schematics, various settings, etc. to facilitate the integration

H-1 Series Industrial pH Meter HP-200

H-1 Series Two-Wire Type pH Meter for Industrial Use HP-300

Panel mounted type Industrial pH Meter (4-wire type) HP-480

H-1 Series ORP Meter for Industrial Use HO-200

H-1 Series ORP Meter for Industrial Use (Two-Wire Type) HO-300

H-1 Series Electric Conductivity Meter HE-200H

H-1 Series Electric Resistivity Meter HE-200R

H-1 Series Dissolved Oxygen Converter (Four-Wire Type) HD-200

H-1 Series Industrial-use Optical DO Meter (4 Wire Type) HD-200FL

H-1 Series DO Meter for Industrial Use (Two-Wire Type) HD-300

H-1 Series Simplified Fluoride Ion Concentration Meter HC-200F

H-1 series simplified fluoride ion concentration meter for industrial use HC-300F

H-1 Series Industrial Turbidity and Suspended Solids Analyzer (4-Wire System) HU-200TB-IM

H-1 Series Industrial High Sensitivity Turbidity Meter (4-wire type) HU-200TB-H

H-1 Series MLSS meter HU-200SS

H-1 Series Ammonia Nitrogen Meter (4-Wire Type) HC-200NH