HORIBA offers a comprehensive set of testing solutions for the development of automobiles, trucks and other internal combustion engine driven products. Each of our product ranges offer a complete solution for the mechanical, electrical and software systems required to meet today's and tomorrow's testing requirements.

We help bring the road into the laboratory for research and development purposes. Our test and simulation systems provide realistic and repeatable simulation of road-driving conditions on the test stand. Using these tools we can help you cut costs and reduce development timescales especially for the complex designs required for today's vehicles.

Make HORIBA be your testing solution partner. We have representatives in more than 50 countries worldwide and employ nearly 600 experts with comprehensive know-how in the entire range of automotive testing solutions for today and for the future.

Product range: 

Engine Test Systems

HORIBA's engine test systems excel through the design, development and delivery of state-of-the-art, high quality solutions. This ensures our customers have the most effective tools that enable them to
reduce the development time and cost of their products. The modular and flexible TITAN system provides engine solutions for all your needs.

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Driveline Test Systems

HORIBA has earned an excellent reputation and has a successful track record in this technically demanding area of driveline testing and product development. We have delivered more than 500 driveline systems all over the world. Our test systems incorporate proven solutions that combine leading edge technology with test automation software, mechanical and electrical components.

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Wind Tunnel Balances

Vehicle development steps and optimization of aerodynamic properties are often carried out in Wind Tunnel facilities. Even though many investigations can be done with numerical methods, still realistic tests with true air flow simulation around the vehicle are indispensable. The demand for new modern Wind Tunnels with the capability of air flow simulation especially at the underside of the vehicle combined with a high accuracy of force measurement is now even growing worldwide. The HORIBA Wind Tunnel Balance System together with its integrated moving ground system fulfils both requirements excellently.

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Vehicle Test Systems

HORIBA has many years of experience of supplying emission-standard Chassis Dynamometers, accessories and VETS automation to the automotive industry and legislative bodies around the world. Our experience also extends to the supply chassis dynos for NVH, EMC and MA applications.

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Brake Test Systems

HORIBA has been successfully constructing brake test stands for more than 80 years. Drum brakes, disk brakes, lamella brakes, hydraulic actuation, pneumatic actuation and mechanical parking brakes are tested all around the world with our brake testing systems.

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