Analysis and Evaluation Tools

Since the numerical techniques of collecting measurements produce large quantities of data, the techniques required to examine the data have become just as important. HORIBA offers analysis tools for retrieval and comparison of test data for a wide range of data sources used in various laboratories.

MEXA Tools

Our customer´s satisfaction is our major concern. For specific requirements, we are tailoring software solutions that integrate MEXA systems into the individual structures of our customer´s laboratories. We have many years of experience completing MEXA´s excellent analysis capabilities with supplementary functionalities to best facilitate the workflow processes of our customers.

For laboratories with several test cells, MEXA GATEWAY provides the automation system with a uniform and stable view on integrated devices that are moved between test cells.

The MCU Multiplexer is a client/server application that manages simultaneous access of several Test Automation Systems (TAS) and a MCU (MEXA Main Control Unit).

The Span Gas Manager provides the possibility to maintain the concentrations of span gases centrally in a database.