STARS is the latest generation automation system from HORIBA that combines the application expertise of many years. STARS provides all the features you need to run a wide range of Test Programs from simple manual testing to dynamic automatic tests all from a single, simple to use user interface.

STARS is developed by HORIBA Test Automation Ltd, an international joint venture between two global companies - HORIBA and Ricardo. The combined strengths of these companies provide HORIBA Test Automation Ltd with a unique pool of expertise for the development and application of test automation solutions for the automotive industry.

The current STARS range includes:


STARS was developed by the world class combination of HORIBA and Ricardo. STARS is a powerful, flexible and versatile enterprise product, integrating with your testing process, meeting all of your testing needs, and has features for all applications in the engine testing environment from test bed control through to complete data management and reporting.

STARS Driveline is an integrated automation, acquisition and control system that provides a broad range of application functionality in a single, powerful environment.

STARS HDEET is a powerful package of tools, tests, analysis and reporting that fulfills the requirements of Heavy Duty Engine Emissions Testing.