CC-100E Converter Checker


HORIBA Europe’s CC-100E is a compact designed instrument to precisely control the repeatability of stack gas analyzers for NOx-measurement. Through generating Ozone by Corona Discharge and mixing it with externally provided NO, precise NO2-concentrations are established in short reaction time.


  • The NOx Converter Checker, HORIBA CC-100E, is based on Gas-Phase-Titration (GPT).
  • Mixing NO from an external span gas cylinder and O3, generated by Corona Discharge in an Oxygen saturated atmosphere (≥99.9%) inserted externally into the unit. This provides determined concentrations of Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2).
  • The converter checker is optimized for a high stability of the generated NO2 with minimal reaction time.

Producido por HORIBA



NOx Converter Checker for efficiency test of NOx to NO conversion, Stack Gas Measurement

Sample gas flow rate

max. 1 l/min ( optional 2 l/min )

Gas consumption

Approx. 1,1 l/min (1000 ml NO + 100 ml O#

Gas pressure

20 kPa ( 200 mbar )

Range of span gas

10 ppm - 1,000 ppm

Required external gas:

Span gas ( NO ): 100 kPa +/- 10 kPa, Zero gas ( N2 ): 100 kPa +/- 10 kPa, 1000 ml, Source gas ( O3 ): O2 gas ( ≥ 99.9 % ); 100 kPa +/- 10kPa, 100 ml

Piping connection:

NO: 6mm Teflon, N2: 6mm Teflon, O3: 3mm SUS

Power supply

100 V ac to 240 V ac

Dimensions (WxDxH)

360 mm x 400 mm x 150 mm


7 kg

Conforming standards

CE marking