HORIBA have fostered various analysis, control, and evaluation technologies for the silicon semiconductor manufacturing processes; a field where strict specifications must be satisfied.

HORIBA makes full use of these technologies in the field of FPD processing. These technologies provide manufacturing support for various types of processes, including gas and liquid medication composition, the detection of particles on masks and thin film measurement. These technologies are also being applied to high-performance analytical and control equipment that supports the research and development of PDPs, organic EL, FEDs, and the diversifying and evolving field of FPDs.

FPD Process

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Below you can see the different stages during the FPD production process. Please click on each phase in order to see the products that are avaialble to you during this stage.

DI Water Analysis/Waste Water Monitoring

Highly Sensitive Silica Monitor SLIA-300

Measure the ultra-low density of silica at the finest sensitivity of 0.01 µg/L (0.01 ppb).

Material Analysis


El GD-Profiler 2™ proporciona un análisis rápido simultáneo de todos los elementos de interés incluyendo Na, Li, H, (Deuterio posible), O, Cl. Es la herramienta ideal para la caracterización de capas delgadas y los estudios de proceso.

LabRAM HR Evolution Raman Microscope

High spectral resolution analytical Raman microscope for ultimate performance and flexibility; includes UV Raman configuration, full automation and wide range of accessories.


Single point analysis and automated hyperspectral imaging.

Dual vacuum modes.

Spot sizes from 1.2 mm to 10 µm.

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Fluid Control

Gas Concentration Monitoring

Vapor Concentration Monitor IR-300

In-line compact vapor concentration monitor, enables MOCVD precursor delivery to be stable.

Process Gas Monitoring

Compact Process Gas Monitor MICROPOLE System

Compact process gas monitor using quadrupole mass spectrometer. Monitors trace gases, responds quickly to process shift . Easy to install and maintain.

Thin Film Control/Analysis

Optical Emission Spectroscopy Etching End-point Monitor EV-140C

Emission analysis type end-point monitor intended for end-point detection or plasma condition control in the plasma-based semiconductor thin-film process.

New Uvisel 2

The ultimate solution to every challenge in thin film measurement

CMP Process


The LA-960 uses Mie Scattering (laser diffraction) to measure particle size of suspensions or dry powders. The speed and ease-of-use of this technique makes it the popular choice for most applications.