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PrintScope for Fingerprint Capture, packaged with ImaQuest Software, in Fluorescence and Absorption Digital photography (General field crime scene and also Lab work) with 2 Filter Slides and 52mm diameter filters.

Fabriqué par HORIBA Scientific


  • Digital camera with 2040 x 1530 pixels with CF memory module.
  • International Power Supply.
  • USB card reader to transfer high resolution photos to a PC.
  • 640 x 480 PCI frame grabber with cables and Live-View software for quick preview of video out of the camera on to a PC monitor.
  • ImaQuest Forensic Image Enhancement and Minutiae Auto Extraction (Fingers and Palms) Software.
  • 128Mb extra CF memory module.
  • Optics: 3 of each of the following close-ups (+1, _2, +4) which are 52mm in diameter.
  • First Filter Slide

    • Bandpass 415 (for Blood prints)
    • Dark Yellow x 2 stacked (for Ardrox / BY-40)
    • Bandpass 515 combined with Yellow (for ZnCl / Ardrox / BY-40)
    • Light Orange x 2 stacked (All Fluorescent dyes / powders)

  • Second Filter Slide

    • Orange x 2 stacked (All Fluorescent dyes / powders)
    • Bandpass 550 combined with Orange (for BY-40 / Rhodamine / Powders)
    • Red x 2 stacked (for DFO / Powders)
    • Bandpass 600 combined with light red (for DFO)

  • PrintScope Hood for 52mm Filter Slides, with Focus Ring with preset heights and Camera Adapter.
  • 49-52mm ring adapter.
  • Tripod and Reversible head.
  • One set of Protective Goggles (1 x UV, 1 x yellow, 1 x orange, 1 x red).
  • Carrying Bag for Camera.
  • Carrying Bag for Tripod and for Hood.

Note: All included 52mm BP and LP Filters can be stacked on top of each other and also are compatible with any 35mm regular photo camera.

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