Automotive Testing Expo Europe 2018: From the Peak of the Mountain to the HORIBA Test Cell

28 mai 2018

HORIBA, a leading supplier for emission measurement and automotive test systems, invites visitors to explore the company’s new testing concept From the peak of the mountain to the HORIBA test cell at this year's Automotive Testing Expo Europe. Using the symbol of a mountain, HORIBA visualizes the complex field of automotive testing, taking into account RDE (Real Driving Emission) testing requirements. With its complete solutions with various fields of application, the company is capable of simulating altitude differences and real world environmental conditions, such as different temperature and ambient air zones.

“As automotive testing becomes more complex and demanding in order to mirror real world driving conditions, time, cost and space requirements for testing increase significantly,” states Patrick Dohm, Business Development Manager ECT at HORIBA Europe GmbH. “At the Automotive Testing Expo Europe 2018, we will demonstrate how a mountain from the valley to its peak can be moved into the laboratory with our simulation tools and full testing capabilities.”

Starting the journey at the peak of the mountain, HORIBA supports customers while conducting RDE tests on the road with the Portable Emission Measurement System OBS-ONE, which can be supported by the new mobile app RDE CoDriver for a maximization of positive test results. HORIBA is not only capable of offering systems for on-the-road testing, but also offers a combination of laboratory testing solutions. These are designed to simulate altitude differences and various environmental conditions, such as temperature and ambient air, which occur when driving on mountain roads. The centerpiece of these simulations is the altitude simulator MEDAS with its new functional extensions for temperature and humidity control. The system meets all of today’s market demands and offers simulation options for Road-to-Rig and test cell level verification for RDE-related topics. MEDAS conducts tests in a temperature spectrum from -15 to 40 degrees Celsius at altitudes up to 5000 meters above sea level, with corresponding humidity from 10 to 80 percent for the respective altitudes. Elaborated brake and brake dust test systems provide a convenient solution for dynamic test procedures while ambient air pollution measurement systems support environmental applications. With the MEXA-ONE-FT-CS, HORIBA also conducts multi-component measurements including NH3, N2O, CH4, CO and CO2, compliant with the Euro VI (R49) regulation and the newest version of the Worldwide harmonized Light Vehicles Test Procedure (WLTP) for NH3 measurement. These complete solutions take into account all occurring environmental and road conditions when driving on a mountain route, from the peak to the valley and into HORIBA`s test cell.

With the newly developed business unit ECT (Engineering Consultancy & Testing), HORIBA focuses on its extensive measurement solution services, covering all testing needs as visualized along a mountain road in the laboratory and helps customers to boost their productivity while standing by their side in an advisory capacity.

“We are always striving to further enhance the benefits for our customers around the globe resulting from our products and services. Due to our deep knowledge and experience in a wide array of automotive testing disciplines, we deliver highly specialized and customized solutions for every testing need. This also includes the crucial area of RDE tests for the homologation of vehicles,” says Markus Bode, HORIBA Managing Director.

At the Automotive Testing Expo Europe 2018, HORIBA professionals will convey practical insights on the latest applications and current industry-driving challenges at the Forum Technology:


  • “RDE test and simulation”
    Tuesday 05 June, 3.00 pm: Hall 10
    Presenter: Alexander Arzt, Application engineer, Test Automation
  • “Improving business operations by applying big data and machine learning”
    Wednesday 6 June, 10.50 am: Hall 10
    Presenter: Jörg Schönbach, Business Development Manager Automation
  • “Real-world altitude simulation for cost and and energy savings”
    Thursday 07 June, 11.30 am: Hall 8
    Presenter: Javier Gómez, Product Manager Conditioning - Altitude Simulation




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