New SAE International Book Explores Engine Emissions

29 novembre 2013

SAE International Book Explores Engine Emissions

The subject of engine emissions is expected to be at the forefront of environmental regulations and consumers’ concerns for years to come. As technology develops to comply with new and different requirements in various regions of the world, understanding the fundamental principles of how engine emissions occur, and how they can be properly measured, is vitally important. “Engine Emissions Measurement Handbook,” a new book from SAE International, addresses the main aspects of this subject.

Developed and co-authored by HORIBA, “Engine Emissions Measurement Handbook,” is written with the technical user in mind, this title is a must-have for those involved in engine development and testing, and environmental researchers focusing on better ways to minimize emissions pollution.

Using easy-to-understand language, Engine Emissions Measurement Handbook covers, among others, the following topics:

  • Measurement of gaseous emissions
  • Measurement of particulate emission
  • Evaporative emissions measurement
  • Principles of exhaust gas analyzers
  • Vehicle emissions testing equipment
  • Emissions measurement applications
  • Emissions regulations around the world

The book is authored by Hiroshi Nakamura and Masayuki Adachi.

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