Smart „CoDriver“ increases testing efficiency

22 octobre 2018

Similar to a co-driver in rallying, the app navigates the driver in real time through the complex Real Driving Emissions (RDE) test requirements including specific boundaries regarding trip composition, driving dynamics, altitude and temperature conditions. HORIBA developed the app with the driver’s safety in mind: the user interface exposes all the relevant information through easy-to-read displays. Also, the RDE CoDriver can be used to train the driver on the test route to apply the correct driving dynamics before conducting the actual RDE test with a PEMS (Portable Emissions Measurement System).

In addition to calculating and visualizing all critical information throughout an RDE test, the app detects possible breaches of the test conditions and immediately informs the driver in case of a failure. Consequently, it reduces test time and resources to a minimum.

The RDE CoDriver is part of the STARS Enterprise laboratory automation system and allows live streaming to the engineers at the laboratory and engineering sites to monitor the test and respond instantly to any incidents. Once the driver completes a test, he uses the RDE CoDriver to upload the results to the central data storage, making the data directly available for processing.

„With our RDE CoDriver app, we have developed an all-embracing solution to approach occurring obstacles fueled by complex requirements for RDE testing and to support our customers by significantly increasing the number of completed valid tests,“ Jörg Siebler, Global Product Market Manager for Laboratory Automation Systems at HORIBA, explains.

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