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The MEXA 1170 SX is a new instrument used to measure sulfur for after treatment and transient lubricant oil consumption. The analyzer uses ultraviolet fluorescence (UVF) for detection and it can be operated in a total sulfur mode, analyzing sulfur oxides, hydrogen sulfide and all organic sulfur compounds. An inorganic sulfur mode will analyze hydrogen sulfide and the sulfur oxides. The final operational mode will analyze just the sulfur oxides. Any one of these modes can be selected by the user from a front panel interface.


  • SO2 and TRS measurement: To enhance after-treatment system research and development to evaluate sulfur poisoning in de-NOx system, such as LNT (Lean NOx Trap) and Four Way Catalyst (NOx and PM reduction system simultaneously).
  • Total sulfur measurement: "Lubricant Oil Consumption" using the sulfur trace method

*1: Total reduced sulfer


Development Concept:

  • Measurable compounds: S02, TRS*1, Both SO2 and TRS simultaneously and Total-S
  • High sensitivity, wide range and fast response
  • Compact and low power consumption products
  • The instrument is equipped with a heated sampling pump so it can measure engine exhaust gases without an additional sampling system. As an optional function, the MEXA-1170SX can be operated from the main control unit (MCU) of a HORIBA MEXA-7000 series, as well as from the control panel on the MEXA-1170SX.

Fabriqué par HORIBA





SO2, TRS*, Both SO2 and TRS simultaneously and Total-S

* Total reduced sulfur


Ultra-voilet fluorescence

Sample gas flow rate

Approx. 5 l/min

Total-S in TS-mode
Approx. 4 l/min


SO2, SUM, TRS mode:
SO2 within ±1.0% of full scale
SUM within ±1.0% of full scale

TS within ±1.0% of full scale


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