Driveline Testing - Front Wheel Drive

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Modular Design

With its standardized driveline test stand modules, HORIBA provides you with a means of creating your own test and development environment in a short time. Flexibility is also ensured with modular components. Later expansions to the software or the measuring equipment, can be easily integrated to meet future requirements. These test stand modules can accomodate future developments.

Every aspect of transmission performance

The HORIBA front wheel drive test system uses specially developed loading and driving units, to simulate the necessary loads on the transmission. The driving units have an optimal speed/torque relation in reference to the size of the units. The HORIBA front wheel drive test system monitors and tests virtually every aspect of transmission performance, under simulated road load conditions, before the transmission is actually installed in the vehicle. The mechanical configuration ensures the ability to precisely control the loads in the various modes of operation.


Your advantages

  • Needs no change in TCU / ECU control software
  • Easy to prepare for testing
  • Provides emission and fuel consumption testing capability
  • Short delivery times
  • Compact design of mechanics and power electronics
  • Suitable for stationary, transient and dynamic testing
  • State-of-the-art asynchronous technology for lowest power disturbance (cosine phi = 1, adjustable)
  • High reliability and low maintenance by means of standardized components
  • High level of user-friendliness due to Windows-compatible user interface

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